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It is a web based application for the students who is taking preparation for the examination. Verities of thousands question will help the student to be confident for the examination. The student will get the result instantly after the exam. All unattempt and wrong question will be solved when the result will be shown. Student can take question papers as per his/her choice. He or She can take question papers subject wise and chapter wise also. Student can get the video tutorial too.

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About Video

Below videos will show you how to manage this service from student’s end and branch end. Also you can go to our YouTube Chanel to get more videos. There you will get all the varieties videos, which will help you to be clear about our service. In this application there some videos those are related to tutorial for the subjects. These videos is available only when you login to the service. Many demo videos are freely available in the demo section. See our demo section it will help you to be clear on the quality of our service.

After Exam Graph

After Exam in this software you will get different type pictorial representation of your performance. It will help you to analyse your performance. Correct Vs. Wrong, Attempt Vs. Not Attempt, Total Marks vs. Scored Marks. At below picture see some examples as image.

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Progress Report

You can get progress reports from a date to a date for the student subject wise. From this visualization student will be clear about his or her growth.


We have made too many collection of the courses subject wise and chapter wise. Each courses are informative and full of quality teaching. Students will be very helpful and acquire good knowledge on that topics. After seeing this video courses the student will be more confident on that topics, he will be able to sit for test.

Ask Admin, Purchase Question & Courses

Ask Admin, it is very interactive feature in this application. Through it the student can communicate with the teacher or branch administrator. The teacher will reply you. You will get the notification there in the notification section. You can purchase any Courses or question set as per your choice. You must need to add coin in your account.

Why Choose Testconfidence

Anytime Anywhere

Students can prepare themself Anytime And Anywhere.

Prepare Yourself

Prepare Yourself for your Exams.

Prepare Yourself

Prepare Yourself for your Exams.

Exam Pattern

Exam based on Medium,Board,Class,Subject.

After exam Graph

Show your exam results just after exam.

Your Progress

Show your progress in exams by graph.


Best courses based on your needs..


Purchase Questions & Tutorials any time anywhere.

Ask Admin

Live communications between teachers and students.